Contact Center Employee Culture Survey

The CCEOC Employee Culture Survey is the measurement tool that determines if a contact center achieves CCEOC certification.

There are 4 levels to the designation. The following chart lists the minimum score required to achieve each level:

Certification Level Survey Score
Bronze 60%
Silver 70%
Gold 80%
Platinum 90%

The survey can be administered on-line or paper based. Surveys can also be produced in different languages depending on your requirements. Additional open ended questions can also be included. A small administration fee will apply for special requests.

Please contact CCEOC to discuss your unique needs.

On-line Survey Distribution

Companies that want CCEOC to send the email invitation to their employees need to provide the employee list, along with corresponding email addresses. This should be in an Excel spreadsheet format. The email will invite employees to complete the survey, provide a pass code and instructions on how to access the survey web link. Each employee will be provided with a unique, single use pass code. This will eliminate the possibility of multiple, single user entries.

Paper Based Survey Distribution

Companies that do not have email addresses for all employees or simply wish to use paper surveys have the option to do so. CCEOC will courier hard copy surveys to the client location one week prior to survey start date. All completed surveys need to be batched and couriered back to CCEOC Data Center in one shipment. They will be provided with delivery addresses for expedited shipping.

Survey Components

The CCEOC Contact Center Employee Culture Survey measures a number of dimensions that provide detailed insight into your employee's thoughts and opinions.

There are a total of 48 statements on the survey + 10 demographic questions.

CCEOC Survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Not sure if you're ready yet? Contact us and we'll forward you the Reality Check survey.