Frequently Asked Questions

Market Sector Employer of Choice® Recognition Award Programs

An Employer of Choice® brand gives you instant credibility as a world class, employees focused organization. Employer of Choice® companies are admired for their innovative people programs and their ability to outperform the competition. In today's ultra-competitive global market, companies must demonstrate that they are a 'great place to work' in order to attract, retain and engage the brightest talent. This is critical if they want to maintain their leadership positions, grow their organizations and increase shareholder value
Click on the "EOC Programs" tab on the CCEOC website toolbar. Click on the logo for your industry. That will take you to the main page for your industry program. Click on the "Application Form" link. Fill in the form and hit submit. You will receive notice of approval within 5 working days.
There is typically no charge for the assessment. However, each program is different so check the EOC Programs webpage for specific details. Detailed summary reporting is offered to participants for a nominal fee.

There are 3 Stages:

  1. Application submission
  2. Company Profile – Leadership Fundamentals and HR Inventory
  3. Employee Commitment Survey
Companies eligible to take part in an EOC assessment must compete in the selected industry, have a physical presence in the host country, be in business for at least one year and have a minimum of 10 employees working out of at least one location.
All sites would be assessed as one unless there are sites that operate autonomously with their own infrastructure, sales & marketing, P&L etc. If sites are being assessed independently, each site would have to have a minimum of 10 full time employees.

Companies must have a minimum survey participation rate based on the number of full time employees. Please see following chart:

Number of Full Time Employees Number of Full Time Employees
10 - 25 100%
25 – 100 80%
101 - 500 70%
501 – 1000 60%
1001+ 55%

The award score is determined by your overall survey score. To achieve an EOC award, you must have a minimum overall score of 75% on the Employee Commitment Survey.

There are 10 dimensions, 45 general statements and 5 demographic questions. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey. You cannot save a partially completed survey. You must complete all statements before a survey can be submitted.
A list of employee names and email addresses is provided to CCEOC. A onetime pass code is created for each employee. An invitation is sent to each employee requesting they complete the survey. The company has the option to send out the invitations themselves or have CCEOC send out the invitations. Employees will open the email, click on the link and be taken directly to the survey logon page. Enter in your company name and pass code and you're ready to start the survey.
Yes, we can produce paper based surveys if required. However, we cannot combine paper and on-line surveys in the same assessment. Paper surveys will be couriered out to the survey administrator at the participating company for distribution. Completed surveys must be bundled and couriered back to CCEOC in one shipment.
We provide translation services if required. There is an administration/programming fee for each translation. Contact CCEOC for a quote.

Standard Summary Reports and Industry Benchmark Reports are available for a nominal fee. The Standard Report provides breakdowns on the overall score, category scores and individual statement scores. The Benchmark Report will provide all the Standard Report data plus comparisons between your company and the overall group scores. The benchmark analysis is especially useful for developing a more engaged work culture and determining how your organization ranks in comparison to your competitors.

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Prices will vary depending on the program. Usually, the reporting fee is between $2000 to $3000. This includes a hard and soft copy. Check the specific market sector program page on the CCEOC website for actual price listings.
CCEOC partners with event management companies and industry publishers to help create awareness and promote the program. EOC award winners are recognized at industry leading events, special publisher editions and promoted on the CCEOC website.

You receive recognition at a major industry event along with a trophy or framed certificate. A list of award winners will appear in a special addition of a leading industry publication as well as on the CCEOC website under the specified market sector. CCEOC also drafts a press release that the award winner can use for their own communication purposes. All winners will receive a hi-rez image of the award logo for printing and publishing purposes. Customer merchandise and promotional items are available at the EOC Recognition Store.

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Yes! CCEOC has a variety of tools and services available to help your organization improve your corporate culture and increase your Employer of Choice scores on future assessments. Go to the Products & Services page to learn more.

Contact Center Employer of Choice® Certification

The CCEOC certification program certifies and brands contact centers as employers of choice. A proprietary 2 phased evaluation is used to assess current operations. A detailed summary report is produced and is an excellent tool to help you pinpoint specific areas for improvement. The results of the assessment determine if your contact center meets the minimum standards to qualify as a Contact Center Employer of Choice™.

There are 4 levels of certification: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Once standards are met, your center is officially recognized and presented with the prestigious Contact Center Employer of Choice® certificate. You are then listed in the CCEOC Registry and a press release is sent to targeted media.

You may also want to tap into our roster of industry experts who will work closely to help you achieve and maintain your Contact Center Employer of Choice® status.

Contact centers seeking to brand themselves as a Contact Center Employer of Choice™ need to assess their operations separately from the rest of the organization for a number of reasons:

  • Their distinctive and self-contained environment
  • The unique demands placed upon their staff
  • Their methods of operation
  • External pressures
  • Specialized needs and concerns of the employees
  • Rigid scheduling requirements

Contact Centers often develop their own subculture that can be different from that of the corporation. They have their own language, performance measures, dress code, hierarchical structure and social network. It is possible that employer of choice companies are not operating employer of choice contact centers. The reverse can also be true. In addition, corporate surveys don't always provide the complete picture. This makes it even more important to conduct separate, third party assessments.

Contact Center Employers of Choice® are recognized for their commitment to excellence.

Being branded as an Employer of Choice® satisfies 4 key challenges facing contact centers today:

  1. Motivating and engaging staff
  2. Elevating the status of your operation
  3. Attracting great candidates
  4. Retaining and engaging great employees

Contact centers that achieve and promote a CCEOC status will reap the same rewards enjoyed by preferred employers around the world.

  • Better quality of candidates
  • Top employee retention
  • Reduced recruiting & training costs
  • Lower health benefits costs
  • Improved employee morale
  • Improved team performance
  • Improved customer service
  • A common purpose culture
  • Positive employment branding
The designation is achieved by completing the CCEOC assessment and meeting or exceeding the minimum qualification standards. Go to the CCEOC Inc. for more information on how to get started.