"This accolade is a direct result of the engagement of our employees who understand the unique needs of those we serve locally as well as globally."

"Everyone, from our front line and support employees to senior management, works very hard to create an environment we can all be proud of. This program provides great recognition, but most importantly, it will help us become an even better operation."

"As a management team, we've worked hard to develop an employer of choice culture. Employees deserve a great deal of credit for providing ideas for improvement and showing a positive attitude every day. This is a well deserved award for each and every member of our team."

This is an integral part of our three year vision: "We will be a World Class Revenue Generating Sales and Service Organization in 3 Years. The designation will provide us with significant branding opportunities both inside and outside the organization."

"This is truly an outstanding accomplishment and something we can all be proud of. It is exciting to see how enthusiastic our team members are about the organization they work for."

"The CCEOC program stands for the things that are important to us—employees, customers, shareholders, culture and community. Through the CCEOC analysis and review, we gained tremendous insight into the motivators that drive employee behavior."

"We're honoured to receive this award. We're looking forward to promoting this designation on behalf of Davis + Henderson."

"Achieving the Contact Center Employer of Choice® award demonstrates our commitment to our employees and our customers. We're eager to get started on our continuous improvement initiatives."

"This award tells us we're doing a lot of things right. It also tells us where we need to focus and improve. We're committed to our employees' success and developing a sustainable Employer of Choice® culture for many years to come."

"We maintain this leadership role in the market because we are always challenging ourselves to better. We treat our employees the same way we treat our customers – with respect, dignity and honesty. The Contact Center Employer of Choice® program embodies these values and helps us maintain our focus on being a technologically advanced, people focused outsourced service provider."

"Our Plan for Continuous Improvement will guide our efforts to create a more engaged, people-focused culture and help us meet and exceed our performance goals."

"The CCEOC assessment methodology was practical and very effective"

"When we heard the news we were very excited. This recognition will definitely help position us to attract and retain the best talent. We're looking forward to promoting our new designation and further developing our operation as a great place to work."